EPIC's Purpose

An EPIC Problem

All too often, people with disabilities have limited options to participate in furthering their education or getting a job once they have graduated from high school. Many spend countless hours alone missing out on opportunities to socialize, acquire vocational skills, and learn new life skills.

Lack of resources takes a toll on families especially when one parent needs to quit their job because their adult child needs full-time supervision at home.

The EPIC Solution

  • To offer affordable day programs and activities for adults with development disabilities in North Alabama
  • To create a campus environment with varying levels of residential and employment support
  • To continue to foster awareness and cooperation within the community to further achieve these goals

EPIC's Board of Directors

Keith Bedsole - President

Courtney Sweatman - Vice President

Rachel Mason - Secretary

Mary Anne Razook - Treasurer

Kathy Burris - Director

Donna Kuhn - At Large

Angela Wires - At Large

Amy Fruchtnicht-At Large